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Playing at the Vineyard

A Story of Courage

Vineyard looking south

I'm not much of a photographer, but every once in a while I take a few pictures. I have a backlog of pictures of dogs playing, and with luck I'll be adding those here over time. I have a Toshiba PDR-M61 2.3 megapixel still camera that was used for most of the new pictures, and a Nikon 35mm SLR camera and Nokina lens for the older pictures.

Vineyard looking west

These images were taken at various places around Windsor in Sonoma County, an area famous for its many vineyards. This first set of images shows a panorama of a local vineyard that we've been using for walks for a few years now. This particular vineyard is in the process of being torn down to be replaced by a housing subdivision.

Vineyard looking north

Balloon over vineyardThese images were taken from the top of a small hill and show what's left of the vines. About half the vineyard has been removed so far. The field is flanked by a stream and some huge cypress trees to the west, and a city park and new high school to the north.

There's also a picture of a common sight around here, a hot-air balloon. It's not uncommon to see three or four balloons at a time in the mornings. They've even been known to land and take off from the field shown to the north. The nearby park is also the site of the annual Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic, a weekend when dozens of colorful balloons can be seen aloft at one time.

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